© CRW Systems Inc. 2016. All rights reserved. The CRW Housing System was built for managing Rental Units and buildings. The system handles applicants, assigns a unit to the screened applicants and handles Rent Invoices and Payments. Work order requests can be recorded assigned and completed. Purchase orders can be created received and invoiced with the activity recorded against an Expense account or Capitol accounts in order to track and report on the expenditures for Year-end. Units and Assigning Applicants The Units or Houses are recorded in the system so their status can easily be obtained.  Each house can be updated as to it’s reprinted or upgraded.  The CRW Housing System has a Wait List to track applicants that are waiting for a unit.  The Applicants are assigned to open units and become active renters until the lease expires, or the month-to-month arrangement has ended. Work Orders, Purchase Orders and Rent Payments The Work Order requests can be recorded, assigned and completed.  The chargeable costs can be assigned to an Expense Account.  Purchase Orders can be created, and sent to the contractor.  When completed those invoices can refer to the PO#.s and be charged to the appropriate Expense account.  This screen enables the Housing dept to run a batch Rent Invoice run for all rented Units.  Any extra charges deposits etc can be handled. Then the Payments are applied to the Rent and shown in the Accounts Receivable. Control Housing Revenue and Expenses Rent is managed by the AR Aging report, and the Purchase Order payments is managed by the AP Aging report. These reports allows Housing to be aware of their own overdue payments. The CRW Financials General ledger will store all the Revenue and all the Expenses each month. This means that the Income and Expenses reports are available to track the Housing Department’s position. Major benefits Entry Screens are simple, uncluttered and logical. Documentation manual is simple and straightforward. This system facilitates applications, Unit assignment, Rent collection work order activities and reports. Handles invoices, payments, prints cheques and provides accounting statements. Automated General Ledger entries accompany all accounting steps. Includes special Audit reports for ease of auditing. Allows Housing to control their own Revenue and costs. Templates for FN Housing Plan This was developed by The Saskatchewan FNIS Housing Director and is meant to guide FN's in creating housing plans. CMHC PROJECT APPLICATION CHECKLIST. ON-RESERVE HOUSING PROGRAM APPLICATION (CMHA301A). ON-RESERVE HOUSING PROGRAM APPLICATION (CMHA301A). Example with costing Template. REQUEST TO LENDER. Min Gaur Wording Legal.