© CRW Systems Inc. 2016. All rights reserved. What we do Our systems capture data from the system at the outset of the process, add more information to this data as required, and produce the statical and financial reports with a minimum of effort. We use Microsoft Visual Studio and VB.NET and SQL Server to accomplish our goals. Who we are CRW Systems writes, supports and maintains Applications Software used by First Nations, Businesses and Government. CRW Systems was established in 1990. Since then we have created systems in Private Sector, Health Care, Social Services, and Education. How we do it We work closely with our clients to insure their data handling and reporting requirements are met. We are prepared to add additional features to any of our existing systems to suit individual client requirements, or create a completely new system using our existing programming methodologies and routines. We assist in loading the required information from existing data if possible. We next install the software on the company’s computer and train the staff. Customer support CRW Systems believes that customer support is the number one way to ensure the success of our business.  If our customers aren't happy, they won't recommend us to others, and we won't be successful.  All current CRW Systems products come with the built-in ability to automatically update the system to the latest version.  At any time you can help yourself to an updated version of the program via the Internet, if one exists.  Technical Support over the phone is available, helping to ensure the mission critical success of our customer's business.